Can I just buy razors when I need them?

We don’t currently offer razor cartridges as a one off purchase in the store, our cartridges are only available to purchase on a subscription basis.We know that subscriptions can sound a little daunting, that’s why we’ve worked really hard to make our service as flexible as possible for our customers.For us at grüum, offering subscriptions allows us to better manage our stock and forecast for the future. This allows us to order in big quantities and pass the savings on to you – our biggest supporters! Plus, for you guys, not only do you get better quality products for cheaper than on the high street, you get what you want, delivered when you want, right to your door… No brainer huh!?Our definition of ‘flexible’:For total transparency, we allow our customers to control all aspects of their subscription directly from our website. All you need to do is log in and head to ‘your account’. Here are some of the features that we think really set us apart:
  • Pick and mix your own kit from any of the products available on site.
  • Edit your kit contents for future deliveries.
  • Increase or reduce the quantity of individual items in your kit.
  • Choose between monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly shipping options.
  • Move your next delivery forward, or it move back, as you need.
  • Skip a whole delivery.

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